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Early season (3)

43Y92CL Canola Hybrid

Unmatched canola returns in low-to-medium rainfall environments assist risk management

The earliest maturity Y Series® canola hybrid with Clearfield® technology displays exceptional adaptability and yield for maturity.

This hybrid demonstrates robust yields under stress induced environments, assisting in risk management in low-to-medium rainfall areas.

Exceptional early growth helps to deliver effective weed control results through superior crop competition and early canopy closure.

  • This Y Series® hybrid demonstrates reliable returns through the combination of very high yield potential, consistency and the added economic benefit of very high oil content
  • Early maturity (3), displays early flowering habit, ideally suited in low-to-medium rainfall growing zones
  • This hybrid has a shorter stature, exceptional standability and high shatter tolerance which are favorable traits for direct heading and aid ease of management in high-yielding crops
  • Delivers exceptional early growth resulting in superior crop competition and early canopy closure which enhances weed control and reduces weed seed set.

Clearfield® technology offers tolerance to imidazolinone herbicides, OnDuty® and Intervix®.

So if you’re looking for an early maturity, mid-fast hybrid canola with solid blackleg resistance that delivers high yield but still allows you to combat weeds, it’s well worth considering Pioneer Brand Seeds' 43Y92CL hybrid canola.

NOTE: Take a moment to view our videos of 43Y9CL hyrbid canola growing at demonstration sites  in Cummins (SA) and York (WA). Both videos offer expert localised insights into this early maturity Y Series® canola hybrid.




Product type: Clearfield®
Herbicide tolerance trait: Tested for tolerance to imidazolinone herbicides, OnDuty® and Intervix®
Maturity: Early season (3)
Phenology Class: Mid-fast
Blackleg rating: R
GRDC Blackleg Group: B


Grain Oil Content


Plant Vigour


Plant Height


Crop Standability


Shatter Tolerance


RATING: 1 = poor 9 = excellent

*2020 GRDC rating with standard Betta Strike® treatment



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2014-2018 GRDC Long Term Yield Chart - Mid Clearfield, National Data


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