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Early or late planting

SSS (Super Sweet Sudan) Summer Forage


SSS (Super Sweet Sudan) is highly palatable forage sorghum at all growth stages featuring exceptional, quick regrowth suitable for all stock types.

A sweet sudan x sudan with super fine stems, SSS gives back again and again with multiple grazings and provides quality hay and bale-wrapped silage.

Adaptable for early or late planting

SSS has been developed in Australia for local conditions. It is the only true super sweet sudan-by-sudan hybrid forage sorghum on the market in Australia.

Since 2012 this unique product has proven that it has wide area adaptability and flexibility due to the highly palatable sweet stems and excellent leaf mass at all stages of maturity.

These features give you grazing and haymaking flexibility that other summer forages will struggle to match.

Studies have shown that sudan-type forages pose a lower risk of prussic acid toxicity to livestock than sorghum or sorghum-cross type forages giving even more flexibility to your grazing or haymaking operations.

(Above) Watch Pioneer summer forage hybrid SSS - Super Sweet Sudan from plant through to harvest at Dunedoo NSW.




  • Exceptional quick regrowth allows multiple cuts and grazings throughout the season
  • Super fine stems deliver exceptional hay quality and bale-wrapped silage, and is suitable for grazing by all stock types
  • Low prussic acid potential means SSS is a safer option than sorghum type forages
  • Has a prolific tillering habit ensuring the ability to increase biomass production quickly after grazing or cutting
  • Super sweet leaf and stem mean SSS is highly palatable at all stages of growth giving better utilisation by all stock


  • Marginal dryland: 2-5kg/ha
  • Favourable dryland: 6-12 kg/ha
  • Irrigation: 12-16 kg/ha


Early Seedling Vigour


Beef Grazing


Dairy Grazing


Sheep Grazing


Hay Making


Fast Feed


Late Summer Carry Over Feed


Pit Silage


Round Bale Silage


RATING: 1 = poor 9 = excellent





With SSS requiring soil temperatures at planting of 15°C and rising, it is an excellent early plant option.

Quick early growth means fast to graze and fast regrowth will provide multiple sweet fine-stemmed tillers.

SSS has the ability to maintain multiple grazings for sheep and cattle while also providing the opportunity to make high quality hay.

For best weight gains, SSS should be initially grazed at 50-80 cm tall.

Either stock with high animal numbers or strip-graze the paddock for best results.

Unlike many other summer forages, if you do find yourself in the position where a field is going to head due to an unforeseen delay in grazing, the SSS is usually still very palatable due to the super sweet fine stems.


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