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Canola FAQs

All Pioneer brand Canola hybrid names will move to a new naming convention from 2022-23. Our first hybrid under the new system will also be Pioneer’s first proprietary Triazine tolerant canola hybrid based on our market leading Y Series® germplasm, with the added benefit of combining the Triazine tolerant and Clearfield® herbicide tolerances.

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New canola hybrid names will begin with the letter P (indicating a Pioneer brand hybrid) followed by a "Series" indentifer, three numbers and two additional letters to signify specific traits.

PLEASE NOTE: The new naming system will only apply to hybrids released in future. Our current canola hybrid names will remain as is.

Pioneer® has years of both internal and third-party data that supports Pioneer® brand products hybrid genetics’ competitiveness with industry leaders.

Ask your local Pioneer® sales representative to view our STRIKE Trials. Pioneer® Seeds Australia has a canola hybrid suitable for any farm in Australian canola growing areas, offering competitive yields and strong disease resistance. View our Canola Hybrids and choose the hybrid that is right for you.

Pioneer® has the most extensive range of proven hybrids in all regions and growing environments. To determine the best hybrid for your growing environment, contact you local Territory Sales Manager.

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