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Medium Maturity

A66 Grain Sorghum Hybrid

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A mid-maturing all rounder grain sorghum that's also highly adaptable

A66 is the ‘go to’ grain sorghum hybrid for farmers who want security. 

With a safe package of traits, A66 is an honest hybrid that offers ease-of-harvest.

Relying on next generation Pioneer​® A-series genetics, A66 offers traits that are recognised for their higher yield.

Widely adaptable across all farming systems and multiple environments, A66 is a tough hybrid providing growers with production stability, all-round agronomics and a strong disease profile.

With its large grain size and vibrant bright red colour, you'll notice the Pioneer difference with A66.

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Comparing the time A66 take to reach 50% flower and then physiological maturity on spring and summer sowings compared with longer season A88 and A14 hybrids, showcases A66's ability to spread maturity risk with flowering time and drydown across the grain sorghum cropping program. 

Comparing the same attributes to the quicker maturing hybrid G33, A66 demonstrates similar times to maturity on a spring plant, but lengthens its time to 50% flower and physiological maturity to perform similarly to G33 on the summer plant, getting to harvest before the summer season deteriorates. 

These attributes showcase the adaptability of A66 to fit into summer and spring planting programs, and the capability of the hybrid to stand up and be counted amongst most grain sorghum cropping programs. 

In 2024/25, Pioneer Seeds will continue to demonstrate A66 in our field trials throughout the grain sorghum cropping regions of Australia. If you can't get along to a Pioneer field day, we encourage you to view this resource centre video of an A66 crop at Warra, Queensland.




  • Good sized and coloured grain delivers a premium product desired by end-user markets - with fewer screening and higher test weights.
  • Large well exerted proimary head provdes yield security in tough grain fill conditions, and easli of harvest.
  • Even tillering provides even maturity at harvest.
  • Very good standability means more grain presented to the header to harvest.
  • Good harvest drydown gets headers in the paddock sooner. 


Head Exertion


Height Uniformity


Stalk Lodging Charcoal*


Stalk Lodging Drought*


Midge Resistance


Harvest Grain Dry Down




Grain Size


Early Seedling Vigour


Pollen Score


RATING: 1 = poor 9 = excellent

* Lodging results averaged from a minimum of six consecutive years of results.

Tested by exhaustive scientific and field trials

G33 is a medium quick hybrid sorhum that's been proven from an initial three years of research-site testing, then advanced to our Seed Technology Research In Key Environments (STRIKE) trial program. There are about 40 STRIKE trial locations across the country each year.

We encourage you to discuss your grain sorghum options with a Pioneer Brand Seeds representative.

Alternatively, register with us (below) to stay informed of field days in your region, affording you an opportunity to personally inspect this medium quick grain sorghum.

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