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G33 Grain Sorghum Hybrid

When the going gets tough, growers rely on G33 grain sorghum.

Don’t be fooled by this fighter; G33 has proven to yield higher if environmental conditions are right.

A safe and reliable inclusion in each grain sorghum cropping program.

A shorter hybrid with very good stalk strength means G33 has excellent standability, especially when under stress which will makes it a very attractive option for growers.

G33 has low staygreen levels which enables quick harvest dry-down. The hybrid also offers excellent cold tolerance which makes it a great option for cold starts.

This hybrid has good-sized red grain on a semi-open head type.

Can't find a field day near you? No problem, take a look at this video from our resource centre showcasing an excellent paddock of G33 grain sorghum at Brookstead on the Western Downs of Queensland.

Tested by exhaustive scientific and field trials

G33 is a medium quick hybrid sorhum that's been proven from an initial three years of research-site testing, then advanced to our Seed Technology Research In Key Environments (STRIKE) trial program. There are about 40 STRIKE trial locations across the country each year.

We encourage you to discuss your grain sorghum options with a Pioneer Brand Seeds representative.

Alternatively, register with us (below) to stay informed of field days in your region, affording you an opportunity to personally inspect this medium quick grain sorghum.

(Above) In this video, grower Andrew Arthur talks about the strengths of G33 and how it fits into his farming program.




  • Quick maturity to optimise the yield on plant available moisture
  • Proven track record for stress tolerance, yielding in drier conditions
  • A shorter growth habit gives plant structural stability that aids standability
  • Excellent pollination gives G33 grain sorghum the ability to withstand impacts such as ergot and heat to produce grain in adverse conditions
  • Has moderate-to-high tillering, enabling it to yield higher if environmental conditions permit


Head Exertion


Height Uniformity


Stalk Lodging Charcoal*


Stalk Lodging Drought*


Midge Resistance


Harvest Grain Dry Down




Grain Size


Early Seedling Vigour


Pollen Score


RATING: 1 = poor 9 = excellent

* Lodging results averaged from a minimum of six consecutive years of results.

What farmers say about G33


"Yield and standability in sorghum is important, plus we also want a variety with a good midge rating. We've also found G33 has a good grain size and the screenings have been very low in the past."

Brett Campbell
Dalby, QLD



"Shortly after planting we had about 10 days of 40-plus degree weather, which was fairly hard on everything. Then on Boxing Day we had a horrendous storm, which produced a lot of in-field wash. However, G33 stood up well, handling the conditions better than the competitor sorghum next to it.”

Nick Shepherd
Dalby, QLD

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